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Biochar for your soil

Biochar has a massive surface area, giving it a sponge-like molecular structure capable of storing water and nutrients in its pores. A teaspoon of Biochar has enough surface area to cover a football field.

Soil Pollution Control

Biochar’s capacity to absorb and hold pollutants prevents their transmission and protects plants. There is much research into using Biochar for recovering degraded soils, with results consistently proving its efficacy as a soil remediation tool.


Biochar improves soil structure, leaving it loose enough for roots to grow freely, to the plant’s benefit.

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Other benefits


Drought resistance

Improves soil microbe`s health

Improves filtration

Retains water

Retains nutrients

Water and fertilizer savings

Helps inhibit puddles

Stays permanently near the roots

Avoids root waterlogging

Insulates salinity causing compounds

Attracts and multiplies beneficial microbes

Better soil airflow

Improved seed germination

Accelerates composting

Captures carbon in soil

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